Business Development Workshop-How People Buy From You

February 28, 8:30 am - 9:30 am
Where: 850 W. Ann Arbor Trl., Plymouth, MI 48170

Presented by Greg Coyne of  Gerry Weinberg & Associates-Sandler Training

Worried that you or your staff's sales ability is holding your company back from reaching its full potential. Greg Coyne of Gerry Weinberg & Associates is one of the foremost sales trainers in this region who will help your company overcome these concerns:
  • Struggling to get high investments from prospects?
  • Concerned that you've given up too much to close the business?
  • Are the tactics buyers are using against you leaving you dizzy and disoriented?
  • Frustrated by the objections prospects are giving you?
  • Concerned that the sales process has gotten away from you?
  • Giving away bids and quotes and not seeing the results you've wanted?
  • Worried that the person you are talking with is not really the decision maker?

This workshop will provide some sales tactics that you can use with the next client you call after the workshop. 

Business Development Workshop-How People Buy From You  - Plymouth Rocks! - Plymouth Michigan - Presented by the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce - Great things to do in Plymouth Michigan - President, G. Wesley Graff - cf43c602-7ec3-4626-b023-27031c99de6e A graduate of Albion College, Greg Coyne has been actively involved with Southfield based Gerry Weinberg & Associates-Sandler Training since 2009. He has an additional 10+ years of success in sales & business development.

Greg has helped a wide variety of companies whose sales process was not getting them the results they wanted. They were frustrated with themselves or their sales team leaving money on the table, by giving information to prospects that used it to buy from their competition.
There is no cost to attend, but we can only accommodate 30 members. To RSVP email or call 734-453-1540.