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Every Brilliant Thing - plymouth


Every Brilliant Thing - PureMIchiganWithBoarder

Every Brilliant Thing

January 18 - February 25
Where: Tipping Point Theatre 361 East Cady Street, Northville, Michigan 48167

Every Brilliant Thing

Every Brilliant Thing - Tipping_Point_5


The play, a Michigan Premiere for Tipping Point, was written by Duncan Macmillan and Jonny Donahoe and originated at Britain's Ludlow Fringe Festival in 2013.  It has been performed at New York City’s Barrow Street Theatre and was recently the subject of an HBO documentary.  The Guardian called the play “Heart-wrenching, hilarious... possibly one of the funniest plays you'll ever see, full stop.”

“The intimate nature of our 100+ seat theatre, combined with the immersive storytelling in this play is a formula for a beautiful production,” said James R. Kuhl, Tipping Point’s Producing Artistic Director and one of two actors that will take the stage for the run of the show.  The second actor, Katherine Banks, presents the same script, allowing for a different take on the role and an opportunity for audiences to enjoy this wonderful tale from a female storyteller.

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