Plymouth Community Chamber of Commerce Downtown Parking Recommendations
approved by the Plymouth Community Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 5/27/16

Engage business owners beyond the DDA public meetings to provide input and participate in the solutions. Chamber can assist with that engagement.

Implement the recommendations of the 2011 Rich Parking Study not implemented or that can be further implemented.

2011 Parking Study Recommendations

  • Increase the amount of available public parking spaces
  • More directional wayfinding signs to leading drivers to the public parking areas
  • Marketing materials aimed at employers, employees and customers/visitors
  • Additional bicycle racks and encourage bicycle ridership
  • Improve parking enforcement

Return parking enforcement to fulltime with two officers and maintain fulltime enforcement going forward.

Revisit with private lot owners options for shared parking. Consider using private lots that are occupied during the day by the tenant to be used as public parking during peak evenings of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Have temporary signage placed out in the evenings to lead people from the deck or other overburdened areas to temporary public parking locations.

Work with business owners on education and enforcement to have employees park further off site to allow more spaces for customer parking in the core of the Downtown.

Consider paid parking with input from local businesses. Chamber can assist in survey of local downtown business owners.

Consider whether transportation from lots further from the core of downtown for workers and visitors is needed and feasible.

Consider increasing the zoning requirements for parking based on the Rich Parking Study recommendations that are significantly higher (pg 14, table E).

Do not add liquor licenses in the Downtown until adequate public parking is added to accommodate increased demand and if the new parking locations are actually alleviating the current problem.

Develop a rolling timeline for implementing parking solutions and for longer term solutions, like replacing the deck.