Entertainment & Recreation
With dozens of events each year, there is almost always something happening around town.  From summer’s weekly concerts to January’s Ice Festival, your calendar is sure to be full.  Plymouth is the perfect pace to spend a day downtown exploring shops and restaurants, and your nights checking out concerts, a movie at the Penn, or just having a drink at one of the many bars and restaurants with friends.  With a Downtown full of unique restaurants, bars, and shops, and a community featuring plenty of parks, and trails, this extraordinary community is sure to have a place for everyone. Be sure to check out our events calendar to find out what's happening around town!
On those days you’re feeling even more adventurous, Plymouth is a mere 20 minutes from downtown Ann Arbor, home of Michigan University.  Ann Arbor is a proud community of diverse interests and a wiGolfers_on_Green.jpgde variety of activities for anyone to enjoy. There is an energetic downtown district full of unique shops, restaurants, bars, and parks. The University of Michigan provides countless interesting sites to visit as well as activities ranging from small local theaters to major sporting events. Plymouth is also a convenient 40 minutes from Downtown Detroit.  A trip to this city includes a beautiful waterfront, professional sports teams, and outstanding theaters and entertainment.
Plymouth offers a variety of options for those looking for ways to stay active.  Beautiful running and biking trails, clubs and teams, and your choice of gyms are a sure way to get yourself moving.  Take for instance the scenic Hines Park.  The perfect place to get away in five minutes, Hines Park is a 15 mile stretch ideal for hiking, biking, canoeing, and fishing. 
For more information on what's around Plymouth, visit our What To Do page!