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Where International Blvd. Meets Technology Dr.

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If you were to pull out a road map of business in Southeast Michigan, you would find the industrial parks of Plymouth Township sit at a corner best described as International Blvd and Technology Dr. The Plymouth community is part of a high technology corridor that sits just 16 miles east of Ann Arbor and 25 miles west of Detroit. Much of the highest-level automotive research in the world takes place in facilities that fill the industrial parks. With companies like Isuzu, Johnson Controls, Bosch, Tower Automotive, TRAM, Freudenberg NOK, BREMBO, and many others the Plymouth Community is a thriving center of research and development.

Also, many specialty and unique manufacturing companies find these parks to be conducive for their businesses, like Fuyao Glass America, one of the world’s largest automotive glass suppliers.

While metro Detroit is the Automotive Capitol of the World there are also many non-automotive facilities in Plymouth including companies like Aunt Millie’s Plymouth Bakery and Comcast Cable.

Here is why so many of these companies choose the Plymouth Community:

Access to Technological Labor

With Ann Arbor, the home of the University of Michigan, sitting just 16 miles to the west the high technology labor pool that is concentrated in the Plymouth area of southeast Michigan is outstanding. The community also offers a high quality of life and outstanding school system that makes the area attractive for professionals and technology workers. There are even a significant number of Asian and Indian students in the schools making them attractive and comfortable for the many overseas families who come here for work. Just in Plymouth and Plymouth Township, 42% of the workforce have bachelors degrees which is 18% higher than the national average.

Outstanding Energy Supply and Utilities

The area is served well by DTE Energy for Electricity and Consumers Power. They are companies that have served metro Detroit for many years and understand the needs of industrial areas. As part of the Western Townships Utilities Authority the area is served by the Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority treatment plant, guaranteeing the availability of full sanitary sewer services.

Ease of Access and Multiple Transportation Alternatives

Over three quarters of land developed for industry is located just 2.5 miles off M-14 (I-96) and I-275. These freeways can lead you to Ann Arbor, Detroit, and all of metro Detroit as efficiently as any location in the region. The industrial parks are also intersected by the CSX rail system and for those needing to fly, the Detroit Metropolitan Airport is just 15 miles southeast with daily flights available around the world. Also, Mettetal airport is available in nearby Canton Township for general public use aviation.

Supportive Government Policies Create a Partnership for Success

The Township has adopted zoning and planning standards that accommodate high-tech, light industrial and research facilities. The Township will move efficiently to quickly help developments get started or expansions happen rapidly. Wayne County also actively offers incentives and other services to make the area even more enticing.

High Quality of Life!

The community also offers a high quality of life and outstanding school system that makes the area attractive for professionals and technology workers.