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When Starting a New Business There Are Many Different Aspects to Consider

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Here are all of the local resources to help you succeed along with phone numbers and links for permits and licenses:

1. Develop a business plan:

Planning is essential for business success. When starting a business, a plan will help you guide and benchmark your progress. Additionally, if you seek any funding from a financial institution, they will expect you to have a formal business plan. The best local resource available to help create that plan is the local Michigan Small Business Development Center (MI-SBDC) which is part of Schoolcraft College. They can be reached at (734) 462-4438 or by going to

2. Advisors:

You will need to make sure you have the support of good advisors. It is important to find a good accountant, banker, attorney, and insurance agent. We suggest you look in the Find a Business  section of this Web site to find high quality businesses in the Plymouth Community who are Chamber members.

3. Zoning & Permitting:

If you are going to have a physical location for your business that requires any building, remodeling, landscaping, signage (including temporary signs), we suggest you start by talking with the city or township to set the stage for a successful and smooth opening. Their helpful staff will walk you through the process of permitting, inspections, and signage approvals. They can also highlight potential tax incentives, plus do what ever is possible to help your business get off to a successful start. For the Township, call (734) 4530-3840 and for the City call (734) 453-1234.

4. Join the Chamber of Commerce:

For a way to become quickly integrated into the community, the Plymouth Community Chamber of Commerce is the place to go. From networking with potential customers and taking advantage of promotional opportunities, to working to build a better community, the Plymouth Community Chamber of Commerce is here to be your business partner. To become a member, please explore the Chamber section on this Web site. You can contact the Chamber by calling (734) 453-1540.

Registering a Business in Plymouth or Plymouth Township, Michigan.

The following is a list of phone numbers and links to register a business:

Plymouth Township:
(734) 453-3840
Forms and permits:

City of Plymouth:
(734) 453-1234
Code of ordinances: Ordinances

Filing a Business Name (DBA):
Wayne County Clerks Office: 313-224-6262

Michigan Online Business Start Up Wizard:
Start Up

Registration for Employer Identification Number (EIN):
IRS: 800-829-4933 (EIN)

Michigan Tax Registration (Sales, Michigan Business Tax, etc.):
Michigan Department of Treasury: 800-367-6236
(MI Tax Registration)

Receive Subchapter S Status:
IRS: 800-829-3676 (Sub S)

Unemployment Insurance:
Unemployment Insurance Agency: 800-636-3994