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Plymouth Canton Community Schools:

The Plymouth Canton Community Schools boast the only educational park in the State of Michigan providing an innovative approach to excellence in education. The Park is a 305-acre site that serves as the location of three comprehensive high schools: Canton, Plymouth and Salem. Courses available to students, who participate interchangeably at the three schools, range from auto mechanics to Mandarin Chinese, to extensive advanced placement courses and cover all the areas in between. Athletic facilities at the Park include swimming pools, gymnasiums, and an 8,000-seat athletic stadium used jointly by all three schools.

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The district is the 4th largest in Michigan with 19,000 students housed in 16 elementary schools, 5 middle schools and 3 high schools. The students in the district average 5% above the state average on the ACT and 6% above national average. Having the resources of a large school district and using innovative approaches to education allows the district to be a leader academically and provide a multitude of opportunities for students.

For more information on the Plymouth Canton School District go to their web site

Private Schools:

The area also boasts 6 tremendous private and parochial schools in the area that provide a variety of educational options. Please look in the Find a Business section under schools to find a listing of private schools that are Chamber members.

Charter Schools

The area also has several Charter schools to provide more choices. Look in the Find A Business section under schools for a listing of local Charter Schools.

Higher Education:

There are a multitude of higher education options in the area ranging from an outstanding community-based college to the University of Michigan located just 16 miles away.

Schoolcraft College:

Open-Door Community Based College

Education - Plymouth Chamber of Commerce - collegeHoused in a modern multi-facility complex, Schoolcraft College is one of the finest community colleges in the Midwest. More than 30,000 people enrich their personal and professional lives by taking part in a learning experience at the school. From getting the basics for an associates degree, credits toward a four year degree or improving skills needed for today’s workforce, Schoolcraft College is the place to go. They have the largest offering of continuing education services in Michigan. Among the many programs the college offers is an outstanding culinary arts program that was voted as the top program in the country by Chef to Chef magazine. For families in the Plymouth Community, Schoolcraft provides the next logical educational step for many students not going directly to a four-year college. To learn more about Schoolcraft College, visit their web site at